Authored by RTZNJay Griffin

Buffalo Motor Type 2E refurbishment


RTZNJay’s anvil, possibly a Vulcan

2011 RTZNJay blacksmithing at the Arizona Renaissance Festival

My ‘new’ 40 lb. block anvil

I scored a 40 pound block of steel at an estate sale for $2. It’s 8″ high x 9″ wide...

Inaugural Gathering of the Sahuaro Young Smiths

1956AirstreamOverlander Empty Shell on the Frame

Taking the shell of a vintage Airstream off the frame

Jerry Lawrence’s teardrop trailer

I’ve unearthed some photos of a teardrop trailer made by Jerry Lawrence. I recall getting a CD from him and...

the teardrop trailer I built – the Journette

Back in 2002 and finished in 2003, I designed and built a teardrop trailer that I called the Journette. I...

Ever wonder what an upside-down Airstream shell looks like?

I took the shell of my Airstream Overlander off of the frame and about a month later, we had a...

Some coal forge details

These photos illustrate the forge that’s in the Sahuaro Ranch blacksmith shop. It’s the original forge made as a wood...

The Sahuaro Ranch smithy is cleaned up

Spent the last day of the year doing some additional clean up, but mostly layout and organizing so I can...

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